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  Purchasing Land  

Can I invest or buy land in Peru as a foreigner?

Absolutely! Peru welcomes all types of foreign investment in many sectors, including real estate and  land. Travel visas are issued, similar to other Latin America countries (e.g. Mexico) to a maximum of 6 months, which can easily be renewed online. You could apply for residency if you decide to permamently live in Peru and you meet the criteria. 

What documents do I need to purchase land?

For buying or reserving your lot, you will simply need to send us a copy of your passport and sign the Land Sale Agreement. You will also need to fill out a PEFC form ($4.00 fee), which can be attained at any Banco de la Nacion

Can I reserve land online and pay later?

Understandably, we recommend that you see the land in person before making a decision to purchase. In some rare cases, we may reserve lots with a half payment deposit on land priced less than $5000. The remaining amount is to be paid within one year. Upon arriving in Peru and paying what remains, you would sign the Land Sale Agreement and the lot is registered in your name. You will only need a copy of your passport, along with a PEFC form ($4.00 fee), which can be attained at any Banco de la Nacion. After this, you will be free to build on your land, rent it out, sell it independently, or have us list it on our website later.

  Investing & Selling  

Once I have purchased land, can I sell my lot while out of Peru?

Yes you can. You would simply need to sign a Power of Attorney agreement before leaving Peru. This would give us the authority to be able to sell the land on your behalf. Any offers made would be approved or disapproved by you, being the seller. Our listing fee is $47 and we are in charge of showing your lot(s). We receive 5% commission on all purchases. Land Purchase paperwork costs an additional $93.

How will I receive payment after a sale from listing on your website?

After you list on our website and a purchase is made, you can either collect your funds in person, or have us send you an electronic bank transfer (Interbank). Our commission, paperwork fees, and taxes (5% of gross revenue) are deducted from the final sale. 

Will my lots increase in value after I buy?

Based on current foreign property real estate trends and urbanization rates of our selected lots, we expect land value in this area of Peru to increase by a minimum of 38% within the next year. This is in part due to the rise in tourism, increase in investors, and expanding city. The housing market is growing quickly in the Selva Central, with prices constantly rising each year due to a better quality of living and increased tourism.

Are more foreigners now buying in South America?

There are many US / Canadian residents wanting to move to tropical areas in South America, including previous expat land owners in Mexico. The rising cost of living, rent / housing prices in North America and Europe are just one of many reasons. Whether it's inflation, recession, social problems, food security, or new government regulations, all of these things are affecting people's decision to want to move abroad, especially to tropical destinations like the Selva Central of Peru.

Investing FAQ

  Land Titles & Property Tax  

Is it essential to buy land that comes with a Land Title?

No, it is not essential, as buying any land will be signed by both buyer and seller via Juez de Paz (Justice of the Peace). However, we only buy land that will be urbanized (or is undergoing) to attain a title in the near future. Furthermore, you are buying land that is connected to an association (community), and so rest assured that your association will be in charge of maintaining the lots and registering them with the municipal to attain urban status, which will allow you to register a land title for your selected lots.

Does my land purchase come with a Land Title?

Most of the land we sell is semi-urban, meaning it is purchased via Compra Venta (private land sale). This means you don't pay any property tax, since it has not yet been registered with a land title. Rest assured that your purchase is legalized in the Juzgado De Paz (Official Registry), including the location, area, and dimensions of the purchased lots. If a lot has land title status, it will be specified in the listing.

How much is a Land Title and Property Tax?

In the event that you do buy property and want to apply for a land title, you are responsible for paying the land title registration fee ($300 / lot) and yearly property taxes, which should not exceed $15 per 200 m2 lot. Peru has some of the lowest property tax rates in South America. If you're looking only to buy lots with land title, message us directly and we will get you setup.

Land Titles FAQ
Water FAQ


Will my lot come with municipal water?

Every lot will differ slightly in the status of having municipal water. Some lots do not have an active water line yet, but are in the process of being urbanized and attaining water. Being close to the main water line will be another benefit, ensuring a low cost for water when finalized. The price can range anywhere from $200 to $500, which includes water rights, tubing, and materials to have water coming directly to your lot. If you are not present and would like us to work on attaining your water line, we charge a service fee of $150.

Once my lot has water, how much do I pay per month for water?

After you have water rights on your lot, you only pay a flat fee of $1.60 per month, which includes all of your water maintenance costs. This area has some of the lowest water costs due to the water that is collected from a large river that runs all-year round.

Are there other means of attaining water in the meantime?

Yes. We recommend installing rain gutters on your rooftop to harvest rainwater and take advantage of the plenteous amount of rainfall. Assuming a 2-way sloped rooftop with 100 m2, you're looking at around $240 to invest in a rainwater system, including your water tank, tubing, rain gutters, and other essential accessories. For larger rooftops, you're essentially paying to have more rain gutters if needed ($5 per 3 m). Another method of attaining water is using a water pump if you are close to a spring or river. Electric pumps (1 HP) cost around $70, and tubing costs $4 per 5 m of 1/2 inch water pipes.

  Sewage Disposal  

What if my lot does not come with sewage lines?

Most lots close to townsite are in the process of attaining sewage lines. In the case that you are needing sewage disposal immediately, we recommend constructing a septic tank or using a biodigestor. Rest assured that your lots will be connected to the city's sewage in the upcoming year.

Sewage FAQ
Electricity FAQ


What if my lot does not come with electricity?

We can inform you the cost of having the electric company install an electric post on site for you. The cost will depend on how close you are to the electric line. Alternatively, you also have the option of using solar panels purchased from town.

Land for Sale in Peru

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