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This is your Plan B safe haven ideal for growing food, tucked away in the High Amazon, next to agriculture and forests. See this beautiful countryside house for sale close to the main agro town, waterfalls, and rainforests. Live self-sufficient in the tropics in an area full of agriculture and tourism. You are only a 50 minute flight from the capital, being Lima.


Ideal location to start a resort business (Airbnb,, agriculture, produce + export coffee, cocoa, bananas, pineapple, cassava, yacon, or anything that prefers a tropical to cool climate. This is your opportunity to own everything you dreamed of in a beautiful climate and a very safe and welcoming agricultural community. Ideal for investment, families, couples and people with children. Live self-sufficient.

This tropical homestead features a 2 story house, with the first floor being bricks to provide insulation, and the second floor built using a wooden cabin style. The main floor has an open kitchen, living room, and two rooms, along with 2 full bathrooms. The top floor has 3 cabin style rooms, with a balcony that surrounds the rooms, with beautiful views of the green, forested hills. Being equipped with 2 large 1100 L water tanks that fill up with the town's constant supply of water, there is also a basic rain water system installed, if needed.


From the main floor, you walk out onto a sheltered patio, with ample sunlight, and a garden in the center. There is also an artesenal stove and oven with ample space for a BBQ setup. The yard is spacious, with plenty of room for gardening and keeping animals. There is a separate fenced section for chickens, with shelter.


Available Lots: 1 Remaining

- All lots will have land title before August 2024.
- Road Expansion Project is underway. Paved roads to be in place, October 2024.
- Water amplification and sewage system installment underway. 

Area: 800 m2 = 8611 ft2
Electricity: Yes
Water Line: Yes
Sewer: In Progress (Septic / Biodigestor Available)
Distance to Town: 1 km
Distance to City / Airport: 6 km
District: Chalhuamayo, Junin
Attractions: River / Swimming Hole, Waterfall, Distillery / Wine Bar, Pool Bar / Restaurant, Cafe / Bakery, Coffee / Banana Farm, Motocross Circuit



Beautiful Tropical Homestead - Large Lot 30 Min from Airport!

  • The first floor is of concrete and brick foundation, with two large bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. Plenty of natural light.

    The second floor is cemented, with 3 cabin style rooms made of wood, with large windows and views of the green mountains. A viewing balcony surrounds the whole second floor.

    There is an outdoor bathroom on the first floor, constructed of brick and cement. Outside you also have a small brick + wood built food storage room, and a large brick + wood tool storage room. There is parking for large vehicle within the lot, sheltered from the rain.

    There is also an area outside for washing clothes (sink + drainage). You also have a brick wood fire stove as a secondary source for cooking food, where you will have a second sink for an outdoor kitchen.

    Constructed Area   100 m2   
    Roofted Patio Area     94 m2
    Total Bedrooms 5
    Living Room 1
    Bathrooms 2
    Kitchen 1
    Storage Rooms 2
    Vehicle Parking 1



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