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Beautiful Tropical Countryside House in Peru
Cheap Houses For Sale in Peru

Junin, Peru

$ 78,143

Homestead Property for Sale

Prepare for the next Great Collapse and grow your own food. This is your Plan B safe haven for unpredictable times. This is a must-see beautiful countryside house for sale close to town and High Amazon rainforests. Live self sufficient in the semi tropics in an area full of agriculture and tourism potential, being only a 50 minute flight from Lima! This is your ideal homestead property for sale. **View more photos below**

This is also an ideal location to start a future hostel business (Airbnb,, agriculture, produce + export coffee, cacao, bananas, pineapple, cassava, yacon, or anything that prefers a semi tropical climate. This is your opportunity to own everything you ever dreamed of in terms of peace and natural beauty, with a beautiful climate and a very safe and welcoming agricultural community. Ideal for investment, families, couples and people with children. Live self-sufficient.


The first floor is of concrete and brick foundation, with two large bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. There is plenty of natural light. The second floor is cemented, with 3 cabin style rooms made of wood, with large windows and views of the green mountains. A viewing balcony surrounds the whole second floor. There are 2 large 1100 mL water storage tanks, with one being in the corner on the second floor, and the other being on the top floor of the main bathroom. 

There is an outdoor bathroom on the first floor, constructed of brick and cement. There are two storage rooms outside that are made of wood with a brick-walled bottom. One is for storing food and the other is for storing tools or raising small animals. There is a sheltered parking space for a large vehicle within the lot, that is roofed. There is also an area outside for washing clothes (sink + drainage). You also have a rustic kitchen, being a brick wood fire stove (secondary source for cooking food) and oven, including a sink with water and drainage. Consider this area ideal for BBQ grills. All the above mentioned areas are roofed.

Constructed Area:   100 m2   

Roofed Patio Area:   94 m2

Total Bedrooms:       5 Rooms

Living Room:            1

Bathrooms:               2

Kitchen:                    1
Rustic Kitchen:         1

Storage Rooms:        2

Vehicle Parking:        1


There is a large spacious covered patio, allowing children to play and enjoy outdoor living with the traditional rustic kitchen.

In this roofed patio, you also have a large closed garden to grow many permaculture herbs and vegetables. A portion of the roofing is transparent, allowing more sunlight to reach the patio garden.

Currently there are apple, pomegranate, grapes, tomato, cilantro and 2 varieties of passionfruit, along with grass that has been planted. The passionfruit have a fenced trellis facing the roadside, which will be completed covered in plant vines once grown, giving privacy and fruit all year round. The patio also has a laundry area in the corner adjacent to the bathroom, for washing clothes. Close to the entrance, there is another water connection, connected to a hose for your gardening needs. Just outside the patio entrance, in front of the lot, there is a row of fruit trees planted. Enjoy mango, lucuma, soursop, and avocado in 3-4 years.

Gardens & Animal Lots

Next to the house is a 400m2 fenced permaculture area, with a small shaded nursery. Here you can grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables. There are more than 20 varieties of fruit trees planted throughout the lot: banana, orange, lemon, cinnamon, jackfruit, apple, fig, clove, lucuma, camu camu, mango, grapes, granadilla, passion fruit, papaya, avocado, and more. Currently, there are 4 basic gardens plots, with black soil and room to include at least 10 more. There are also 2 small beehives (stingless bees) that produce rare, medicinal honey, and these bees form a new colony at least once a year.

The adjacent mini farm lot (200m2) has an entry door, and a space to raise animals with a small sheltered area from rain. Ideal for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and sheep. There are hens that lay eggs almost daily here. The friendly neighbors have a dairy cow that freely grazes in the surrounding pastures, and sell the fresh raw milk.

Garden Area:    400 m2
Animal Area:     200 m2

Water, Electricity & Sewage

Electricity and water are connected. There are 2 large tanks (1100 L each) for recharging water. In addition to having municipal water connected to the grid, there is also an off grid rainwater harvest system installed, which can fill the water tanks if needed.

A complete solar panel system is also offered in the price, including two 200 W panels, inverter, and battery, which can also be expanded. All electricity comes from dam free hydro power, locally operated. You have the option of using satellite internet or running a fiber optic line from the town nearby (1.5 km).

The sewage is septic (new) with the option of installing a biodigestor that can last indefinitely, with the possibility of storing biogas to use for cooking a few hours each day. All tap water drainage has a separate line of exit off to the side of the house. Only toilet water drainage connects to septic.


The climate is semi tropical, being warm during the day and slightly cool at night, depending on the season. You're at an altitude of about 1100 m. There are generally two seasons: the wet season and dry season. The heaviest rainfall occurs in February, and starts tapering off in the following months, with the dry season starting in May. July is the driest month receiving hardly any rainfall. In September, the rain starts to pick up again, where it reaches its maximum in February. During the wet season there are frequent rainfall events, followed by short sunny breaks. Humidity is relatively low, but tends to pick up during night or rainfall events. Your sunlight hours are almost 12 hours throughout the year, only varying by an hour. 

Climate Zone:              Semi Tropical

Average Low Temp:     20 - 22 C

Average High Temp:    27 - 30 C

Altitude:                        1100 m
Rain Season:                1.5 - 2.5" - Dec - Feb
Dry Season:                  0.1 - 0.4" - May - Sep
Daylight Hours:             11.5 - 12.8 hrs
Maximum Humidity:      12-20% Dry Season / 50-90% Wet Season

Location & Touristic Sites

You are in an ideal location, with this land for sale in Peru South America, being a 30 minutes drive from the main city and airport. The homestead lies 5 minutes (1.5 km) from the main agro town, which has its own municipal and is in charge of all the surrounding townsites. There are two rivers on each side of the town, providing numerous natural swimming pools. 

The property is close to the following tourist sites:

  • Distillery

  • Motocross

  • Pool & Restaurants

  • Campground 

  • Waterfalls + Swimming Holes

  • Coffee / Cacao / Banana farms

  • Fish farms

Cost of Living

The following table outlines the average cost of living, prices for a small family of 4 in the year 2023. The first column is in Peruvian soles (SOL), followed by American dollars (USD).


Electricity / mo      S/ 70      $18.50

Internet / mo         S/ 60       $16.00
Water / mo            S/ 4         $1.00

Full Chicken         S/ 24       $6.37

Bananas / kg        S/ 1.00    $0.27

Oranges / 1 kg     S/ 1.00    $0.27

Pineapple / 1 kg   S/ 1.50    $0.40

Eggs / 1 kg           S/ 9.00    $2.39

Milk / L                  S/ 5.50    $1.46

Bread                    S/ 3.00    $0.80

Sugar / kg            S/ 4.00     $1.06

Cheap Houses for Sale in Peru

Discover your dream property with Peru Paradise Realty! Explore our enticing selection of cheap houses for sale in Peru. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of South American paradise with our vast land for sale in Peru. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat or investment opportunity, we cater to all preferences. Indulge in the breathtaking landscapes and rich culture of Peru, where every corner holds promise. Let us guide you through the journey of finding your ideal property in this enchanting land. Experience the magic of Peru with Peru Paradise Realty today!


City: Mazamari

Country: Peru


Price: from $ 120,000

Land Size: 8600 ft2

Property Lot Size: 2088 ft2

Year Created: 2022

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