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Reserve these large lots surrounded by agriculture, with mountain views that will leave you breathless. The climate is ideal, offering you a semi-tropical haven, with hot days and cool nights. This area is ideal to keep animals and grow your own food. With one entry to the main road, the neighboring banana farm offers this community ideal privacy. These lots are surrounded by banana farms, coffee, yucca, and pineapple crops. You are walking distance to a water spring and a 10 minute walk to a gorgeous river where you can bathe. 
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The nearest pueblo (town) is a 3 minute drive, where you can buy food or dine and drink at a local touristic distillery that has its own restaurant. Driving 5 minutes in the other direction is the larger pueblo, where you can also buy food and eat at restaurants. The city center (Mazamari) and airport are 25 minutes by car. 


Perfect for living partially off grid. Electricity and water are available, and sewage disposal can be achieved with either a septic tank or biodigestor.

Available Lots: 8 Remaining

- All lots for Banana Heights are now registered with land title.
- Road Expansion Project is underway. Paved roads to be laid down in 2025.
- Water amplification and a sewage system installment underway.

Area: 200 m2  (2152 sq ft)

Electricity: Installation Required

Water: Installation Required
Sewer: Septic / Biodigestor

Distance to Town: 600 m

Distance to City: 6.5 km

District:  Chalhuamayo, Llaylla, Junin

Attractions: River / Swimming Hole, Waterfall, Distillery / Wine Bar, Pool Bar / Restaurant, Cafe / Bakery, Coffee / Banana Farm, Motocross Circuit



Gorgeous Mountain Views 2152 sq ft - Pineapple Red Earth

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