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Land for Sale in Peru


Peru Land For Sale

Being nestled in the mountainous region of the Amazon, in the province of Junin, the Selva Central offers you peace and beauty untold of, in your search of land for sale in Peru. This region is nationally considered as the golden gate to the great rivers of Peru, sitting at nearly 700 m with varying altitude, and offers you sights like never before seen. From rivers, to waterfalls, to agricultural landscapes, to untouched forests and mountains, the area is full of touristic destinations and yet-to-boom tourism potential. With a low population density of 31 persons / km2 , the population is estimated to be around 63,000 habitants spread throughout the various 39 districts of rural towns and urban centers. Towns are supplied their electricity by use of dam-free hydroelectricity and water comes from the numerous rivers and springs that flow from the high mountains. This is an ideal place for your search of land for sale in Peru South America.

The Selva Central and its surrounding areas boast a very positive outlook for future food security, being a main producer of cacao, chocolate, coffee, bananas, oranges, ginger, pineapples, coconut, and many other fruits sold locally and at a national level. With an agreeable tropical climate with plenty of sunshine and rain, it is easy to grow just about anything, including exotic fruits. The temperature in low areas hovers between an average of 24 - 30 degrees, whereas the higher-altitude towns offer a more cool climate, ranging between 20 - 28 degrees, offering cooler nights. Many semi rural towns also raise cattle, chicken, and other domestic animals, including numerous fish farms.


Whether you plan on investing in a good future for your family, or building a resort to take advantage of the growing hospitality & tourism market, or selling in the upcoming year to make a very decent profit for yourself, you are making a wise investment buying from us in this area. We will find you the best land for sale in Peru.

Why Search Land for Sale in Peru?

There are thousands of Americans and Canadians leaving their home countries and looking south for a better life, and it is one reason why expats seek land for sale in Peru. Some of them are looking to leave crime-ridden cartel-controlled areas of Mexico, and avoiding expensive over-inflated lots in Costa Rica. With Peru Paradise Realty, know that you're buying land in a safe area, with affordable lots and amazing tourism potential. However, due to rapid urban expansion, this affordable land is quickly increasing in value. Due to its location, natural beauty, and cheap cost of living, more people are wanting to live here. In unpredictable times and an ever-changing world, you have the advantage of leading a more self-sufficient life, where you can grow your own food in an agro-town with a tropical climate. Take advantage of the growing tourism in an area free of natural disasters and violent crimes. You can find cheap houses for sale in Peru, that are easily within your budget.

land for sale in peru

Why Seek Land in Peru for Sale?


Cost: Enjoy a much cheaper cost of living and more affordable lots. Forget expensive inflated land in Mexico, Costa Rica, or other tropical destinations. You enjoy the same climate and beauty for much less. You can find cheap houses for sale in Peru.


Nature: Enjoy some of the most spectacular views, surrounded by untouched forests, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. You are literally surrounded by beauty and nature, breathing fresh air.


Toursim: Whether you plan to invest for large-scale hospitality or rent out a small cabin on AirBnB, tap the unexploited tourism potential. Endless waterfall and swimming recreation sites, agriculture tours, with the finest coffee and chocolate.


Safety: With an extremely low crime rate, living here offers you a safe haven for raising children and family. Not only does each community look after one another, but they are also equipped with security (serenazgo) should a rare incident occur.


Culture: Be able to visit hospitable indigenous communities (Ashaninka tribes) and towns. Being only a 4 hour drive from the Andes regions, you will also meet many people from the mountains who also speak Quechua / Spanish.

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Food Security: Live in an area that produces most of its own food locally and in huge abundance, from vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, beef, honey, and more. Being close to the mountain towns trading route, also assures a variety of food.


Live Off-grid: Have the option of relying on the grid in semi-urban towns or get an easy head-start on living self-sufficient. Numerous types of solar panels are sold in the town nearby. Harvest the abundant natural springs or rain water with ease.


Grow Food: No permits and restrictions for raising animals. This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to farm yourself or from your neighbors. Grow your own food with an ease of mind. This is an advantage of land in Peru for sale.


War-free Zone: Some have said that this a good time to get out of NATO or BRICS countries that are currently preparing for the next big east vs west war. Many Germans, Austrians, and Italians fled Europe during world war II to settle in Peru.


Tropical Climate: Being able to grow just about anything in this climate, with its slight altitude, its cool enough to sleep at night without AC and warm enough in the day to enjoy. Higher altitude-lots offer you even more freshness.


Natural Disasters: Some of the lowest risk for natural disasters in the country, experience areas that aren't prone to drought-caused forest fires, floods, earthquakes, nor hurricanes. The nearby forests also help regulate the climate.


Water: With the growing concern for water elsewhere, this area has many rivers that converge together in the valley, forming one gigantic river, which grows in size as it reaches the low-level Amazon. There are numerous springs also. 


Steady Growth: Know that the land you are investing in today is at an all-time low, due to the recent sell-off of land from old farmers. As these semi-urban areas grow in size each month, their value is increasing at astounding rates.

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Family-friendly: Know that you're buying land in an area that is perfect for raising a family and living a more self-sufficient lifestyle. You're right next to nature and only a 15-20 minute drive to the city centre. 


Electricity: With rising costs of natural gas and carbon-produced energy, have the peace of mind knowing that your energy comes from dam-free hydroelectric means. With rivers that never run dry, there is a constant supply of energy. 

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Our Listings

Land For Sale in Peru South America

Banana Heights
from $ 6000

View these beautiful lots, with black soil, being able to easily transplant bananas nearby to give fruits within the following year. Being right next to the pueblo (town), you are walking distance from the stores / restaurants, and only a 20 minute drive to the city center (Mazamari). Being surrounded by agriculture, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

1722 ft2

Avocado Paradise
$ 6100

View this beautiful double lot, which comes with a fairly large tree that produces tasty avocados all year long, with planted bananas ready to give fruits within the following year. Surrounding your property, you have stunning views of the green mountains and only steps away from an amazing river valley view, in which you can also take a walk down to the river nearby.

3660 ft2

Pineapple Red Earth
from $ 3000

View these large lots literally surrounded by agriculture, with mountain views that will leave you breathless. The climate is ideal, offering you a semi-tropical haven, with heat during the day and cool nights. This area is ideal to keep animals and grow your own food. With one entry to the main road, the neighboring banana farm offers this community ideal privacy.

2152 ft2


How to Buy Land in Peru for Sale?

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Make Payment

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Sell, Build, Rent

You can build, live on, rent out, or even sell your property afterwards.


Hear from our new land owners.

Tania Rose

United States

I bought 5 plots of land at an incredible price and held them for only a year. When I sold them, I made 40% profit! I will be reinvesting again.

Maria Varillas


I am so grateful to have found this website and the real estate agent was so helpful. I left my country and applied for immigration in Peru. I love it here in the tropics. Muchas gracias!

Andrew Evans

United Kingdom

I took up an offer on a beautiful lot to build my summer home, and I live here as an expat. The weather and sites are amazing. Highly recommend buying here.

Ryan Hunt


As someone who has seen most of Latin America, I never knew such a hidden gem existed here in the Selva Central of Peru. I'm living my dream life in the tropics and turning my lots into a hostel business.

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Peru Paradise Realty has been steadily focused in offering affordable land and homes to expats and foreigners from all around the world. We have seen the Selva Central area grow exponentially over the years, and we want to be able to help others take advantage of the sceneries, weather, and investment opportunities that await buyers. If a safe semi-tropical zone is your preference, we can assure you that you'll be happy buying land here.


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